Congratulations to all professional and student winners of the 2023 Pele Awards! Your hard work, creativity, and talent have been recognized and celebrated, and you should be incredibly proud of your accomplishments. Your contributions to the industry are inspiring and will help shape the future of advertising and design in Hawaiʻi and beyond.

This year's theme, "The Idea is Everything," is a powerful reminder of the importance of innovative and impactful ideas.  Your ability to develop and execute such ideas is a testament to your skill and dedication to your craft.  I hope that this recognition will serve as a source of inspiration for you to pursue your passions and push the boundaries of your creativity.  Keep up the amazing work!

Ryan Kawamoto

AAF Hawaiʻi President 2022-2024   Writer & Director Vice President - Community Relations Kinetic Productions

The idea is everything. Inspiration has a way of popping up at the worst times…but when it comes, you have to heed the call.

This year’s Pele Awards honors the true creative spirit—and the people who unabashedly drop everything to capture the idea, nail down the concept, and transform an assignment into award-winning work.

Much Appreciation to this year’s 2023 Pele Creative Team! You were all amazing to work with and you are truly appreciated!

  • Creative Directors: Jade Lun, Jo Archibald & Richard Fraioli
  • Collateral and Web Master: Melissa Lum
  • Director: Ryan Kawamoto, the team from Kinetic Productions & Post Hub
  • AV Support Services: Richard Ma, Presentation Services

All My Best

Paul Lam

Pele Awards Chair

Pele Awards Winners

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